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TAY Time Chat: No mas, por favor!

Ah football! Love it or hate it, it's upon us! Did anyone catch the match between USA and Mexico?... OK I'll stop now =P really it was good as a joke and then Astro continued it... I do like my sports but we need to get the chat popularity back to it's normal levels, hereby I present you...

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Hahaha no but really I just wanted to make a rant about games over here, specially when it comes to with games that take place somewhere in Latin America, I know that the developers don't pay much attention to this, but as a Spanish speaker it irks me when they don't get the accents right, for example in Red Dead Redemption once you step into Mexico everyone has a weird Mexican accent... like the Mexicans that live in Los Angeles, the way they pronounce certain words is off and the structure of the sentences... =/ it takes away from the experience for me... and I don't know I feel it detracts the overall immersion into the universe inside the game, I know this mistake is present everywhere, I just wish it wasn't...

News round up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

A little twist today with Luciano Supervielle (From the tango ensemble Bajofondo Tango Club) and Juan Casanova performing Baldosas Mojadas

Need more rants to fill your heart's content? Visit TAY Classic, to talk about music games, cats and more! BattleBorn will be your host tomorrow, and IF he shows up... well he may have something special for you guys! Oh and also Check the Off-TAYpic for today!


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