I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So yesterday I had a fun bout vertigo. Essentially, rather than having a nice frame of equilibrium and steady land to walk on, my brain forgot how to balance my body properly, making walking without holding onto a wall/door/etc. a rather humorous practice in futility.


Needless to say, I had to take the day off, because I couldn’t reasonably drive to work... let alone get to my car in the parking lot. After a fair amount of rest, and the magic known as Honey Nut Cheerios, I managed to gain enough cerebral energy to push forward to my computer desk, where I promptly sat on my butt and played games all day.

Yes, for some reason, even when my brain is lopsided and I have a pulsing headache, I’m able to play and record high level League of Legends games and even win Civilization: Beyond Earth on Apollo Difficulty. My brain’s priorities are on point son. And yes, I’m okay now, thanks :)


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Question/Scenario of the Day:

Any funny moments where your brain or body was just... off? Brain blips, randomly forgetting how to stand up, hand/eye coordination being uncoordinated? In those situations where you’re stuck on the couch or bed, do you game it up, enjoy a nice book, or just hang with people on the internet?


Rer Forgetting How to Walk Song of the Day:

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