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TAY Time Chat: Old Adventures Edition

Ahhh, finally, I can return to my beloved true home, the internet. Well that, and I have an actual true home, being my new apartment... I’ve got my priorities straight folks.

Anyways, while moving all of my assorted crap wasn’t all that bad, trying to schedule a reliable time for us to have a rep come install internet for us was a huge pain in the butt. Solid tip, don’t try to bootleg off of your parents pre-existing AT&T accounts to get better rates. You’ll get the good rates, but my god was contacting anyone in their support structure who understood I was a new client on a pre-existing account near impossible.


So, we went without internet for awhile at the new apartment, and naturally I wanted to find something fun to do to pass the time. Queue the above classic, Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete to the rescue. A few of you TAYers have experienced this masterpiece of a game, but if you’ve never had the chance to play, imagine a perfect blend of resource strategy & economics, combat, RPG leveling systems, and (for their time) really well drawn visuals. (Note: The above “3D” models are not what I’m referring to)

Dang, writing about this game makes me want to play it even more, which makes me want to write about it even more! Should I review this game TAY?

Anyways, anyways, getting side-tracked. Needless to say this game is awesome, and so I had a wonderful time disconnecting from the internet and re-living an old classic, which brings us to today’s scenario:

Question/Scenario of the Day:

Put yourself in my situation: You’ve got no internet, but your rig is fully set up and all of your previous games are still installed and ready to go (for those that don’t require an online connection [*Deathglares Ubisoft and storing save-games for single-player saves of Heroes VI on the cloud*]). What’s your go-to game? Let’s stick to PC and just keep hand-helds out of the equation. If you don’t have a PC then consoles are fine too!


Reliving the Majesty Song of the Day:

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