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TAY Time Chat: On Time Edition!

Hello TAY! Last Wednesday we talked about procrastination, but this week we’ll talk about getting stuff done in a timely fashion! I Started setting reminders on my phone to write my Tay Time Chats and Open Forums ahead of time so that I won’t have to scramble to post them last minute. Discuss what you do to stay on top of things below!

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Today on TAY

Songs of the Day

Let’s do all covers today because why not?

The Final countdown (Europe cover) by Dispatched

The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel cover) by Hell or Highwater

Tragedy (Bee Gees cover) by Celldweller

Pokemon GSC National Park guitar cover by FamilyJules7x

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift cover) by Anthony Vincent (in the style of Disturbed)

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