*Audible sigh*. Hi TAY... I broke the Golden Rule again. I know it’s indefensible, and I didn’t mean to do it, it just kind of happened. I’m so ashamed, I don’t even know how to live with myself.

I bought another RPG, at full price, on Steam, despite having 100+ other games that I haven’t even touched in my library. I am pond scum.

Granted, the game in question is Pillars of Eternity. For those not in the know, this is the love child of Obsidian Entertainment. A call back to isometric RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Fallout. It is both fantastically written and really fucking hard. So, in other words, it’s perfect.

It’s just great. I cannot sing this game’s praises enough for how many times I’ve won a fight, that I have no right winning, due to excellent game mechanics that favor strategy over button-mashing. I’ve dived into every single dialog tree available, and am collecting all of the assorted lore books/notes/scraps available so that I can just binge learn about this universe at some point. It’s a great game, and I don’t regret my purchase... but I know I’ve already got piles of other games I could have played instead. Curse you Saturday’s where I’m all alone in the apartment!


I’m still only on Chapter 10 of Valkyria Chronicles. I have Deus Ex: Human Revolution, BioShock Infinite, Transistor, FFVII, and piles of other games on my short list to play in my library. That’s not enough even mentioning the long-term list I have on Steam! I had no right, no need, no justification to purchase this game! It was literally on sale two weeks ago and I didn’t buy it then, instead paying full price. Goddamnit self.


FOR SHAME RER, Question of the Week:

Alright, fess up you fellow back-loggers. What was the last game you broke the rule for? Are you planning on doing it now? IS IT WORTH THE STING OF KNOWLEDGE THAT YOUR BACKLOG IS EVER EXPANDING?!


I have no regrets. Only shame. Let my folly be your guiding light to a lighter backlog TAY. I shall now ride out into the sunset: