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TAY Time Chat: Overspending

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both officially over, marking an end to ridiculous sales and even more ridiculous people. So now its time to tally up the spoils of war and realize just how much we (over)spent. I got the PSU to replace my ageing 6 year old one that lacked two 8 pin power connectors. I thought that would be an easy install until I saw the gordian knot from hell that had become of it and the many tinkerings I had done since its initial install. I got the 980gtx, composing the bulk of my “OH MY GOD HOW MUCH DID I SPEND” reaction, which I also thought would be an easy install until I saw its size. I’m not joking when i say you couldn’t fit a hair between the card’s end and my HD cage (which is supposed to come out i think, but i’ve long since lost the documentation). I also bought a desk because it turns out using a combination of a dining room table, coffee table, and tv dinner tray doesn’t work when you’ve got a lot of loose shit and a kitten more than happy to spread it to the far corners of the room.

I really should not have gone so oeverboard but hey, at least I’m set for the next few years easy on big purchases (must not think about replacing 7 year old monitor).


Question of The Day: How much did you spend on sales, and what did you buy?

Some Interesting Things:

Jade Empire Free on Origin: Frankly I consider Jade Empire to be Bioware’s greatest work from KOTOR on (never played their previous works)

Today I learned what Superpuffs are: I really want to hear some highly respected, well dressed, famous astronomer say “superpuff”

Song of The Day: Its better than Still Alive. Yeah I said it, COME AT ME BRO!

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