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Greetings fellow TAYers! I bid you welcome to the TAY Time Chat. Speak your mind, vent some work frustrations, or perhaps ease into a lovely evening with discussion amongst your peers. Your fate is your own here!

Hi TAY, I’m currently chillin’ here with a face full o’ pain. Take care of your teeth, lest ye feel the wrath of a dentist who cares about your smile! I had some fillings done today, and now besides being out $400, I’ve been reconciling a day full of pain and discomfort. Ooof, can’t wait for this week to be over so I can just chill at home.


Upside, I can finally announce I did officially get a new job this week. I’ve put in my resignation and am now just getting all the official documentation done, so that’s neat I suppose. Nice mix of exciting and completely and utterly terrifying.

Random Musings:

  • Any Starcraft II fans here? I finally finished watching IEM Katowice today. Man, what a crazy tournament. For some reason, despite playing League and not playing SC2 myself, I found this tournament far more compelling than League’s.
  • Hearthstone standard format is coming up soon! I’ve started buying some Classic packs to craft a few Legendaries (Sylvannas) in anticipation, get hyped!
  • The Stardew Valley hype is slowly starting to die down, but after having played the game for 40+ hours, I’m not complaining. I still have plenty to do and easily got my money’s worth.
  • I’m never going to finish Fire Emblem, but I’ll still end up buying Revelations anyways.

Question(s) of the Week:

When was the last time you were in pain? What happened? Or when was the last time a video game made you feel pain? Yea I see you Final Fantasy VII fans out there crying, it’s okay, let it out.


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