I'm really feeling it!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the TAY Time Chat! Honestly I don't have anything to talk about here, but I'll try to think about something while I write this, but... hey let's talk about the weekend first... and what a Weekend it was! In no given order We had a Doctor reunion and our own artist specialist awesome possum Stormborn talked about it, the Xbox One was released on Friday and GBD weighted which of the three consoles had a better launch lineup. UI is excited about Atlus Persona centric announcements and shared his opinions for each of the upcoming games! He also talks about the latest Zelda game and gives his opinion of Link latest adventure with another princess! SCANDAL! In some local news I got soaked in the rain for at least two hours cause that's what you do in S. Florida (there will be a story about that soon) and even had time to continue my shenanigans in the Caribbean as Captain Edward Kenway! WOOF!


So how was your weekend my fellow TAYter Tots, Tottetes & Furbys?

News Round Up!

Nach's Song of the Day!

Something a bit different as Ryota Komatsu performs Libertango by the one and only Astor Piazzolla.

Well... that's it from me, I'm off to do some shopping, but if you want more TAY action, gather round the Mini Monday Brunch by Astro and talk about food... cause food is awesome, or just talk about anything the Open Forum or in TAY Classic's Off - TAYpic discussion hosted by Sylverfyst... which is not up today cause Fyst had a test, so we'll have to use one of the two posts from last Friday.

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