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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat – Phrasing

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I think I messed something up terribly today. I was basically teaching a class this morning—I’d taken a job with this professor for a few semesters in a row now. Anyway, the professor handed everything over to me and left to go take care of something before class was technically over. I didn’t really have anything prepared, so I just gave everyone my e-mail and number and then proceeded to ruin everything.


Basically, since everything is set up into teams in that class and I kind of help manage all the teams, I think I gave them the impression that nobody but their team leaders could ever contact me about anything. A friend of mine playfully asked, “So we can never talk to you?” and I replied with enough energy that I hoped it would be taken as sarcasm, “Nope! Never talk to me.”

Pretty sure none of them caught what I actually wanted them to do. Or that I didn’t mind them e-mailing me with questions. I probably have a class full of people who think I’m a huge jerk now. Luckily, I have Thursday to correct it, but the “Bad Impression” award of the day has probably gone to me. Sorry everyone, I’m just totally gone today and ran all out of tact.


News? News.


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