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TAY Time Chat: Pre-Flight day preparations and headaches!

Hello everybody and welcome to TAY Time Chat, for those who are new to TAY and don't understand what the heck is a quasi-Open Forum doing between the OF and the TAYveyard, well look no more... this is your free Tea Timely-ish news round up our group of scientists in TTC have discovered that human beings tend to have a hectic schedule (specially on Mondays), and the daily routine can be unforgiving, so we created this column to post news, articles, or cool stuff from around the internet, just to make your transition from work to your house a bit more pleasant ^.^

I'm boarding a plane tomorrow... and there's always a thought in my head as soon as the plane takes off... Did I forget something? And the answer is always yes... Camera, Credit Card, DS, DS Charger.... the list goes on and on...


News Round Up!

Today's news are brought you by caffeine...

Flying cars! ZOOM! The era of The Jetsons is among us! Criminal Clowns taking over New Jersey and Maine, Pietro's plan of conquering the real world is happening, in the meantime the mayor of Despair is busy writing about the Ellen Page Simulator. And last but not least, scientist have discovered that our body does not age consistently.


Nach's song of the Day!

Please Be It by Indie duo from New Orleans, The Generationals.

Well I'm off to buy some more stuff for my trip, still haven't found the chocolate (Stupid semi-communist regime where cocoa production is almost non-existent!), but hey don't worry about me go visit the Open Forum, and then pay a visit to Sylverfyst on TAY Classic's Off TAY-pic discussion! Astro will be back tomorrow for your Daily Dose of TAY Time Chat!


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