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TAY Time Chat - Pre-Order Burns(?)

I managed to order Hotline Miami 2 this morning just before I left for class. Apparently, it's pretty good, but I also never really finished the first Hotline Miami. It was incredibly fun to play in short bursts, and sometimes I even went back to it way after I had stopped playing, but I never really got far enough to complete it.

When I looked around the store page on Steam, I didn't see an option to buy the soundtrack, so I just assumed that it wasn't being offered. I reloaded the page a little bit later and they had a bundle up for both the game and the soundtrack for the same price as the game alone. I have absolutely no idea what that means for me, but...


I don't know. I only pre-ordered by a few minutes in hopes that I would be able to get it started before I left (and I could), but that would be the sickest pre-order burn ever if that actually happened to me for getting it a few minutes early. I really need to stop pre-ordering stuff.

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