I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

What are they good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. >:C

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So GameStop emailed me today.... Sure enough, my Ike Amiibo has been delayed and won't be available on the normal release date. They didn't outright cancel it, unlike Best Buy and my Majora's Mask N3WDS, but it doesn't exactly inspire faith in the system. Getting burned by GameStop and their merchandising/hardware issues is becoming increasingly frustrating.

First, they run out of limited Majora's pre-orders, which for some reason you could only do in-store "online" (their computers, because that makes sense). Then BestBuy suddenly announces they have stock, only to then say "Oh sorry we're actually canceling pre-orders". At which point GameStop then immediately announces that they've suddenly come upon more handhelds to sell. Convenient, no? It paints GameStop as the one true retailer.


Yet here I am and suddenly now GameStop has run out of Amiibo stock to supply to their pre-orders, despite the fact that I placed my order within the first few days of Ike's availability. What's the point of giving retail shops my money if they're just going to back-out on my order? Sometimes I really wish developers and publishers had their own distribution system... or Amazon and Nintendo could just kiss and make up.

Anyways, do you guys have any pre-orders that you're either excited about or feel you got burned on? Personally I'm just downloading all my games digitally to my SD Card. It's not worth the hassle anymore... just wish I could 3D Print consoles and handhelds too... :P


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Given this is my first TAY Time Chat I figured I'd pull a few songs from my personal playlist.

Thanks everyone! Like I said this was my first TAY Time Chat, and I'm very excited to do more in the future (if Nach approves of my work). Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and be sure to give me a good review check out some of TAY's other great features:

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