I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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​TAY Time Chat: Puttin' in Work

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You know how there were days when you used to go to class and you never really covered anything? For me, yesterday was one of those days. My linguistics course yesterday was a three hour class where all we did is take a quiz and cover stuff we already knew. In total, I had... maybe two or three lines of notes. The point is, I decided that yesterday I wouldn't need to study, since all I had were two extra lines of info, and I just spent most of yesterday making articles instead.


One should've went up today, but my Sinner's Sandwich review will be going up Thursday. I'm elated to finally have them both done.

I do have exams coming up later this week, though, so perhaps I shouldn't try to get away with not studying again. But the last thing I'll do is regret it.


Anything you all have started getting to work on? Putting together plans for a trip? Fixing up that bench that you said you'd do ages ago? Maybe doing writing of your own?

Oh, I know what you meant to do! You meant to read the news today! Here, let me help you.


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