I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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You'll never guess what's happening this week, TAY—It's basically id Software appreciation week! Remember? That really cool company you liked but was bought by Zenimax? No? Well, okay then.

Well, the reason that it's id Software appreciation week is because Quakecon is this week. Not only does that mean lots of partying, but it means lots of great Steam sales on things you wanted and some stuff you didn't even know you wanted! Usually the Elder Scrolls series goes on sale and then all the old Dooms and Quakes—I'd be very surprised if the new Wolfenstein game didn't get a discount somewhere in there, as well.


Anyways, whatever, maybe they'll skip it this week since we just had the summer sale? I dunno. I was going to do a theme off of getting news related to id Software titles, but then it got morbid... I'll post it anyways, since some of you like morbid.

Morbid News Round-Up, You Sickos:

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