I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat: Rainy Thursday

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Hey-o! Peeps! Welcome back to TAY Time Chat ^^ The daily not-so-awesome news round up (except when someone else writes it).


I'm gonna copy Ners' topic from last Tuesday, cause it finally rained down here, it's been scorching hot for the last month, but today we finally got some clouds our way! It was so cool earlier this morning I managed to run without breaking a sweat... Look out Team Minun ;)

News Round Up! (Florida Edition)

Song(s) of the Day

Make Believe by Toto

Goodbye Elenor by Toto

Now that I've got your attention you should check our other interesting posts around TAY and TAY Classic, if you feel like talking about anything then check out the Open Forum, and follow us on Twitter. Greetings from... the improvised pool the rain has made of my backyard ^^


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