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TAY Time Chat: Random Nostalgia Spike

Greetings TAY, and welcome back to the Wednesday TAY Time Chat. I’m having a weird spike in nostalgia for Sonic Adventure 2, a game a played the crap out of back when it was one of the three games I had for my Gamecube. A lot of people don’t have fond memories of that game, but I sure do. And damn did it have a killer soundtrack. I’m actually quite in the mood to go back and play through it again.

So what about you guys? Every have moments of random nostalgia for a game? Share your story below and then check out some of these links and rock out to some tunes!


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Songs of the Day

Sonic Adventure 2 guitar medley by ToxicxEternity

Live & Learn by Crush 40

Supporting Me from the Sonic Adventure 2 OST

Ending from the Sonic Adventure 2 OST

A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup from the Sonic Adventure 2 OST

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