I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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'ello there... this is TAY Time Chat, a magical place where dreams come true... if you pay me 999999 rupees!

Hello TAY! How are y'all doing, welcome back to TAY Time Chat, so today I was talking with a friend about comics, and obviously the Superman talk emerged, I asked him if he had seen the infamous video by Max Landis talking about the Death and Return of Superman, seriously if you have not seen it go and check it... I will wait...


Done? So yeah it's pretty stupid how they did that but what the hell they needed to bring back their staple character, DC was bleeding to Death before they killed Superman, what followed in the conversation was talking on Superman powers and how well... overpowered he is, to the point is ridiculous, like the writers just gathered random information and just pasted on the character! So my friend continued researching about Superman when he stumbled upon this...

Hearing through space? Lobotomy? Seriously... that's beyond ridiculous, I've never been a big fan of Superman but this thing... it's... it's just too much! For me the issue is there are too many writers involved in the comics, and each one of them wanted to make their work memorable, unlike Goku and the universe of Dragon Ball which was all created by one person.

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Well gotta go fast guys! my daily miles wait for me! Tomorrow Astro will take charge of your daily tea time(ish) news round up! Bye for now, see y'all later!

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