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TAY Time Chat: Ranting time...

Good afternoon TAYers from the Atlantic Coast! and good morning/afternoon/evening to the rest of the World! Welcome back to TAY Time, your free Tea Timely-ish news round up, we understand that you have a hectic schedule, and the daily routine can be unforgiving, so we will post news, articles, or cool stuff from around the internet.

Today I spent one of the worst hours of my life, look being in a country that has a 4th world status (a new category I made up) is never going to end up well, no matter how serene you can be, or how positive, there's always something that will destroy your positive aura and start blurting curses in all directions. Traveling a measly distance of 2.5 miles can take up to an hour, going to the supermarket will take as much as the run-time of Aladdin 2, and will be as entertaining as watching Inception in Swedish with no subtitles. Thankfully (for me) music as a form of entertainment exists, I don't know how I could survive this daily routine of being stuck with thousands of reckless drivers surrounding me, there's always something in my iPod that can take me to a better place.As some of you guys know, one of my favorite genres is Jazz, there's nothing as soothing and rewarding as hearing some good ol' Jazz tunes to lower those stress levels =).


News Round up!

  • A recent study claims that drinking more than four cups of coffee is harmful for your health, but is it really that way? are they really taking all the factors that would lead to a conclusion like this?
  • Citizens of Bristrol! beware there's a burglar on the loose! The main suspect is Norris the Cat, he was last seen in the area of Bedminster.
  • Following last week's reports of the hair chopper thieves, the president of Venezuela found a weird solution for this problem, Sleep in a mausoleum... Dear lord this is the reason why this country doesn't get out of the hole we are sunk into!
  • Oh and the US finally acknowledged the existence of Area 51, sadly it was just a "test area" for prototype planes...

Nach's Song of the Day.

Recommended Reading.
Sam G. post on how Earthbound is like a trip back home (I know he got the shout on Kotaku, but hey I'm biased on anything with Earthbound tag on it, plus he did a fine work on that article).


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