I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey TAY! Another week is halfway done. Making it through okay? Hang in there, the weekend will be here soon enough. Let's talk about song lyrics, because why not?

So I've determined I have a strange ability to find songs with lyrics that describe almost any situation I find myself in. This is not always a good thing as listening to these songs can sometimes only serve to amplify my mood. It's great when I'm happy but when I'm sad or angry sometimes make things worse. Most of the time it just gives me clarity though. Recent events have left me with a myriad of thoughts and feelings and drawing connections to songs I enjoy has been helpful. What songs describe your mood best right now?


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(Relevant) Songs of the Day

Severed by Threat Signal

Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace

Uncrowned by Celldweller

Want You Gone from Portal 2

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