I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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While some of you patoots may run off and play Evolve tonight, I'm going to be in class. But Neryl, someone (perhaps even myself) may say: What are you going to be doing when you're not in class? Well, brave soul, I'll be playing the DLC for Hyrule Warriors. After all, someone has to get me extra festive before my copy of Majora's Mask arrives sometime before March. But at least it comes with a statue, eh?

As often as Amazon screws up things and arguably is slowly killing every industry it touches, I really do adore how they manage to get me things on time. They may not always be in one piece, or might be kind of scuffed up or bent, but at least I know when they screwed it up quickly. And returning is pretty simple, at the very least. I ordered two copies of Majora's Mask CE and one is coming in on release day, which I'm giving to my brother. The other, which is coming from Gamestop, is… I think it's still coming? I wouldn't be surprised if they stealth cancelled it like so many 3DS bundles.


Oh, speaking of, happy 3DS/Monster Hunting this weekend, everyone!

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