In a desperate attempt to take some of my money away from the airlines after all of the horror stories I've been hearing lately with disrespecting luggage and human rights, I made it my one duty to force the family to try out the train out this year when we set out to see family. Honestly, it took about as long as it would've taken to drive, maybe a tiny bit longer, and the price was lower than flying and a little bit lower than driving, considering hotel rooms and stuff. And best of all: nobody had to drive.

The coach seats are spacious with plenty of leg room and leg/foot rests. There's a dining car and a snack car, plus a "lounge car" devoted to just… giving everyone a super pretty view of what the train is going past. I was able to catch a chance to sit on one of the long benches they had in the lounge and watch it snowing in Texas, followed a few hours later by the sunset. It was beautiful.

Everything is pretty great, except… well, you know how everyone who uses group transportation on the holidays acts as if they're on their way to a black lung convention or a snoring competition? Well, it's like that on the train, except you're around those people for two days.

Basically, it's like a tolerable version of Greyhound. If you've ever wanted to take Greyhound, by the way, just don't do it.


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