So, as I mentioned to Z lately, I’ve been hardcore busting out some serious League of Legends games in an attempt to hit Diamond before this season ends. In order to not go insane, I play Hearthstone in my spare time on stream. Last night, I drafted a Rogue deck (I hate Rogues) in Hearthstone because I had three daily quests asking me to win with Rogue... I started out 0-2, resigning myself to a life of miserable existence of failure.

But then, slowly, somehow, it happened. I started winning, and progressively worked my way up to this moment. (Was going to make a GIF of this but I don’t want to download a Twitch VOD at work, sorry folks, upside, there’s good audio and it’s not set to auto-play unless you open it).

Regardless, I was in a good mood, and ended up going 8-3 from an 0-2 start, not too shabby. A lot of people lately have been complaining about the relative RNG aspects of Hearthstone, but to me, the random, hilarious, sometimes bullshit, that RNG provides in this card game is what keeps things fresh, fun, and exciting for both the player and viewers alike.

Sometimes you get screwed, and other times you recombobulate a 7 drop into Prophet Velen as a Hunter. ;) If hating RNG makes magic like that impossible, then I’m pro-RNG all day err’ day baby.


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