I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Roll over fellow TAYers, a new hero is back in town, and just like Nintendo's last hero he's also a mute one!


Last Friday instead I started playing Dillon's Rolling Western: Last Ranger for the 3DS, yep instead of playing Majora's Mask or Monster Hunter I decided to boot up a one year old game. Dillon as most of you may not know is the latest IP by Nintendo, and the gameplay is a fresh take on the classic tower defense genre. The game consists of defending a town from a besiege of sentient rocks, but in addition of just sitting there watching your units take down the enemies, you can also roll over to the battlefield as the Red Flash as you turn your enemies into dust. It's a fun mix of action + tower defense with a great soundtrack and art style to boot, so if you have 300 club Nintendo coins to spare, then don't hesitate to get this game! It's one of the 3DS forgotten legends of the west...

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