After UI and Nach both made me pretty concerned about the possibility of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle going out of print before the price dropped any further (since I was waiting for it to drop more before I bought it), I decided to go out and buy it this weekend. It was supposed to come in today, but I haven't really seen any hints of it around yet, assuming Jack didn't come up and eat it. That guy doesn't eat anything, apparently, given how he played with a mouse for over four hours yesterday. That poor mouse.

I've never been particularly good at fighting games, but I've always wanted to get a little better. Fighting games are like my biggest guilty pleasure—I absolutely adore them, but I'm really freaking terrible with them. I think Smash is probably one of the fighting games I've ever gotten "respectable" at, besides maybe having a few days on Soul Calibur. Either way, I'm not expecting a super serious fighting game with JoJo—mainly because expecting a super serious anything with JoJo is ridiculous, but it'll be part of a series I love, so maybe that will give me just a bit more incentive to not be terrible with it. We shall see.

Are there any games you all have been working on getting better with? Keepin' up with Halo? Maybe trying to memorize some stuff in Starcraft or Hearthstone? Feel free to talk about that or whatever down below.

As an aside, today starts the first day of Hanukkah, so be sure to high five your nearest Jewish friend (or yourself) and wish them a good one.

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