I'm really feeling it!

Hello brother and welcome to the 21st century! and welcome to Thorsday's edition of TAY Time Chat!

How's everyone doing? Doing well I hope! Besides from the very awesome Infamous: Second Son, I also got to play some MGSV: Ground Zeroes. I really enjoyed it even though it was quite short. I completed it in 1 hour and 14 minutes. That said I have yet to do any side missions, which I hope to make a start at this weekend. Not only did it make me very excited for The Phantom Pain, it made me want to replay through all of the Metal gear Solids. I only have MGS2 and 3 so I'm planning on getting the Legacy Collection. Anyone who has it, is it worth it?


Oh, and that Fox Engine...

News Round Up!

Super Shuffle!

Esmerelda - Ben Howard

Universally Speaking - RHCP

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

Survival - Eminem

Stronger - Kanye West

Helena Beat - Foster The People

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