I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat: So Much STUFF Edition

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Pictured: How my backlog/life feels currently. Hello TAY, as promised I am indeed alive and well, just so goddamn busy. My life in a nutshell consists of balancing the following right now:

  • Day Job
  • Relationship
  • Presence on YouTube
  • Scheduled Twitch Streams
  • Real-Life friends
  • Bachelor Party (Not for me)
  • Vacation
  • Moving out plans
  • Eventually editing the TAY Podcast before DisturbedShadow actually murders me
  • TAY Run Club - Warrior on Team 2 Hype!
  • Setting up attending PopCon and obtaining a press pass
  • Gaming for fun
  • Working on Mt. Backlog, The Darkest and Most Powerful Evergrowing Sentient Landmass
  • Writing on TAY for fun

Gueeeeeess which three have ceased to exist for the last few weeks (hint: it’s the bottom ones). So yea, sorry TAY, I promise “it’s not you, it’s me”. I’m not trying to say I’m more special/busy/important than anyone else, I’m just saying it’s noticeable how much stuff I’m not getting done each day and that drives me insane. Hoping that things will calm down here shortly but woooo boy am I just getting fizzled out real fast. Not to mention the piles of E3 content we’ve seen come up the past few days which have me super excited.


Question/Game of the Day:

What’s one of the relatively lesser hyped games you’re most excited about from E3 so far? Personally Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam has me bouncing off the walls with glee, so much so that I’ll finally brave playing Sticker Star (so I can play a not-great game to get hyped about the second-coming of Paper Mario!)


How’s that backlog coming? Anything else you’re procrastinating about? If you could drop two things from your daily routine that were just done, taken care of no questions asked for you, what would you choose?

Tryin’ To Take Things Slow Song of The Day:

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