I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled TAY Time Chat: So Strong It blew up My game

So its tuesday and that means A) its time chat time, and B) Deus Ex is now officially out. I just finished the tutorial mission and was at the point in Prague where I believe Jensen is supposed to be hit with some type of bomb or something so hard it knocks his augs offline. I say “believe” because I don’t actually know since whatever it was hit me so hard it knocked me out of the game. Well played terrorists, you’ve realized the only way to stop Jensen is to make it impossible to play the game in the first place. It felt so appropriate I wasn’t even mad.


TAY Time Chat: What are the Best(Worst) timed malfunctions you’ve had lately? Alternatively, are you playing Deus Ex right now?

Now if you’ll excuse me, its time for round 2 (and if it crashes again, I may be a tad mad).

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