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​TAY Time Chat - SOE Long

For anyone who didn't check the news yesterday, something pretty big happened: Kevin Pereira is still alive. Oh, and Sony decided to drop their online game studio, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), which has now moved on to become Daybreak Game Company.

While I am a little concerned about the company financially now that it's "independent," I'm also curious to see what it will be able to make now that they're free from the random, often overlooked MMOs they've been making these past few years—looking at you, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.


Perhaps I'm being overly cynical because of the context of this announcement coming after a few weeks of not-great news, but still, I have to wonder how they're going to keep up with the number of projects they have now. Between Everquest Next, Everquest Landmark, H1Z1, and porting Planetside 2, it just seems like they have a bit too much on their plate—but maybe Colombus Nova has something in mind to help them keep up the cash flow.

Anyway, that was enough early-morning rambling for now. On to the news!

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