I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So XCOM 2 comes out tomorrow. In anticipation for it, I just last night beat XCOM: Enemy Within on Classic difficulty. What made it interesting was that all of my soldiers were named after viewers on my stream. I’ve written about this before, but it still remains one of my favorite ways to stream games. Putting your viewers inside a game that has permenant death as a possibility adds an additional layer of intrigue and tension to game-play, and it also makes them feel more involved!

Heroes emerge, stories are formed, and legends are told. Col. Lapeno of XCOM will go down in history as The Volunteer that saved Humanity from imminent destruction or enslavement. Not to mention he was my most decorated soldier, and dauntlessly saved the lives of his comrades on daring missions around the globe!


So yea, that’s pretty much what this TAY Time Chat is about, I’m hyped not just for the new game (which I’ve heard good things about!) but also to enjoy the science fiction of turning my viewers into Humanity’s Last Bastion of Survival!

Question of the Week:

In the next five days what are you most excited about? It can be something like a game release, or even something as simple as snuggling up in bed doin’ nothing on a Sunday, or the Superb Owl!

How would you feel about being included in a game like XCOM as a soldier? Well you actually can right now in the TAYCom 2 Initiative! It really is pretty fun, it’s like playing D&D but with laser rifles and way less work on your part!

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