I'm really feeling it!

Greetings TAYers! Holy red lightning blurs, it's already 5:00 PM EST on a Thursday, again! Funny how that works, isn't it? Soon enough, it'll be Friday and we'll all ditch our prospective classes, jobs, and otherworldly superhero duties to play video games and dick around! \o/

Question of the Day:

I had that need, that need for speed... except Fast 7 because I know it's gonna make me cry (and I still need to see 4, 5, and 6...). I also need Story of Seasons. Z and Swan are depending on me for my seasoned Harvest Moon opinion. What do you need right now? Cold drink? Hot shower? More time? A CLONE?! Or you know, just whatever latest video game craze you think is really cool that you don't have yet. Sure, any of those will work. Forever chasing the things we need, TALK TO MEH TODAY TAY. <3


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