Gotta Spoil 'Em all! (Spoiler free edition)

So yea, Pokemon X and Y is soon to be released to the masses in only nine days, worldwide too! But that doesn't mean a lucky few have got their filthy hands on a copy of the games early and spread spoilerific information across the Internet like a farmer spreads fertiliser over his fields. The only thing I found out was the final evolutions of the starters in hope that it would help me decide which to go did not. That's about the only thing I plan on finding out, and to make sure I won't find out anything else I've made a pledge to not go near anything Pokemon-related until I get the game. Oh, and no more Reddit too, I've gotten ambushed on that site with spoilers too many times before. No longer I say!

It's petty weird though, I'm usually not bothered by spoilers. I'm more of a 'Journey beats the destination' kind of guy.

How far have any of you went to avoid spoilers?

News Round Up!

BattleBorn's Triple Shuffle!

The Promised Land - Bruce Springsteen

Under Water - Big Talk

A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

BONUS SONG! (Because I really like it and it came next)

Dead Star - Muse

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