I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Weather’s been a bit weird down here in texas, we’ve swung between 80 degree highs, and 50 degree lows in the space of about a week. Another weather phenomenon going on has been a steady stream of early mornings with heavy fog. Normally I imagine quiet foggy mornings/nights are considered quite peaceful. However I work nights, in an industrial location, all by myself, play a lot of Silent Hill, and have an extremely overactive imagination. Add in a little clanking from the industrial A/C, rats in the duct work, and these big ass grasshoppers (they’re actually something else but I can’t think of the name) slamming into windows, and it’s a recipe to get a little spooked


Question of the Day: When is the last time the weather got a little spooky for you? Too manly to be scared by weather? Go free topic style below.

Song of the Day: A little something to make us all feel nice and safe:

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