I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: Stuck in traffic.... Part 2

We should be thankful for what we have, even if it comes later than expected... and it's not as awesome as we expected... like this manatee!

And you know what? I'm going to dedicate today's TAY Time Chat to the best state in the US, but it'll be different, we all know about the misadventures of Florida Man, today I'm going to focus on his animal companions, it's not going to be nice but hey nothing really is over, just like being stuck in traffic for no apparent reason ^^;


News Round Up!

Nach's Album for the Weekend

(What's the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis

Nach's Drink for the Weekend

Eh... is cough syrup okay with you guys... cause that's what I'm having! I need to get over this cough before I get sick again, and believe me I don't want to relive what I went through this week >.<

Okay.. okay... so drink...



Drink up my friends and have a great weekend!

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