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TAY Time Chat - Stumbling Through the Dark

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After forcing myself to keep up with it, I'm finally going to finish Conrad's The Heart of Darkness today—and I'm honestly not even sure how to feel about it. I can already tell it's going to be one of those stories I'll have to reread multiple times to get anything substantial out of (luckily it's rather short), but I almost wonder if it's even worth it. There are so many vague points in the plot, so many pacing problems, such long paragraphs that it's much harder than it should be for me to follow along.


Vagueness and pacing issues I can kind of cope with—but long paragraphs I can't. I never realized how much I relied on those when I was reading until I started reading this novel. My mind seriously just needs a moment to stop, recap what just happened, and then proceed. It's all but impossible to do this when some paragraphs take up the span of two pages.

I know it's all supposed to be a muddle and the writing is supposed to be very vague and hazy and dreamlike, but... I don't know—just because that was what it intended to do doesn't mean I need to tolerate it, right? If I had to put it in gaming terms, I guess you could compare it to something like Dark Souls, where the real meaning and plot is just barely out of reach. It's almost frustratingly close to being accessible, but it still isn't.


I guess the main difference is that nobody praised the sun in The Heart of Darkness.

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