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TAY Time Chat: Suburban Warrior

Strolling the hallways of the closest grocery store, our hero searches for the lowest prices so he won't feel guilty spending $20 on a Nintendo eShop card... not the most thrilling adventure, but I never promised it was going to be interesting!

Hello everyone welcome to TAY Time Chat, today's edition comes a bit later than usual thanks to basic needs, my day today was kinda ruined when I woke up to windstorms and rain, so I went back to sleep... when I woke up again it was time to prepare lunch >.< then the football started and before I realized I needed to buy food... blergh! So... how's everyone Mars Day evolving? Any interesting stories? Are you excited for the new Pokémon Battle Trozei coming out later this week?


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Nach's Song of the Day

Song of the day is brought you by Geico... >.< stupid ads!

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