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TAY Time Chat: Sugar Overdose

Cheer up TAY, cause you're favorite Chat is here... now I wonder where are my car keys...

Hello Hello my fellow TAYmatoes... how was the weekend for everyone? Over here in glorious S. Florida was a pretty quiet affair, not much happened, on Saturday got up early to watch the football, good games pretty entertaining overall... then on Monday... I ate that thing up there. The story goes like this, we were invited to my aunt's house to watch El Clasico and have a BBQ, my brother and I pondered what we should get them for dessert and we came up with this crazy idea of making an Ice Cream Sandwich cake, but the issue was how we would glue the layers... So I thought maybe we could melt some marshmallow and mix it with nutella...


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I do this thing when I'm not sure what to do about something: I go into this database of old newspapers I'm fond of and search for a phrase. Late a few nights ago, hardly thinking about what I was typing, I went and searched for "lost plane." I got 1,742 results...

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