I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Gather round young ones, Papa BattleBorn has to tell you something. There comes a time in every mans life where he must acquire a suit, for all sorts of magical reasons, be it for job interviews, dates, jobs or even if you just want to look classy.


In my case it's for my formal and ladies and gentleman, I'm at a crossroad. There is another form of classy clothing...the tuxedo! So my own question for you is, a suit or tuxedo?

To make this some what Vidya Gaem related, what are the best suits in gaming?

*Insert obligatory Barney Stinson Gif*


News Round Up!


BattleBorn's Triple Shuffle!

Oasis - Live Forever

Knife Party - LRAD

Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance

BattleBorn's Slice of Ireland

Craic - quite literally one of the most important words in Ireland. It translates to 'fun' in English but it means a wide range of things here. It's generally used when referring to activites, for example,"Want to go to the cinema? It'll be good craic". Or can be used as an alternative to greeting people, usually as, " What's the craic?". One tip though, use it sparsely in other countries, and especially in there airports...


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