It's raining TAY, it's official, summer is still alive here in S. Florida!

Today I was going to use the word deluge for Word of the Day, but then Z came up with that abomination of gif club, I changed my plans at the last minute and that's how I ended up using Plagiarism. I keed... well the change was real but the gif club is hilarious! Anyway it's friday and do you know what it means? No, seriously it's been months since I last hosted TTC on friday... T.T I need some guidance... where's IndigoAsh when you need help?!


News Round Up!

Super Shuffle!

Get Down, Saturday Night by Oliver Cheatham

Oni Bolnye Na Golovu feat. AK47 by The Torpedo Boyz

Time To Get Away by LCD Soundsystem

Night Boat to Cairo by Madness

Sni Bong by Dengue Fever

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