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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Time Chat: Technical Difficulties

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For the period of about a month, my roommate has been without any form of PC. After several trips to the not so local Fry’s Electronics (it’s at least half an hour away) it was deduced that his cpu had fried his mobo...or the otherway around. One not so short pair of RMA’s later he had his replacement parts...and it still didn’t work.


Several interactions with the Fry’s electronic specialists later, and his PC has apparently defied logic. All his parts tested fine on their own, but not when placed together despite having worked just fine for about 9 months. Apparently they tested every critical part of the PC and they all worked just fine. So apparently there is no real reason why his PC is dead. Today he goes to pick it up with a similar but different mobo model, because apparently that fixed the problem.

Watching someone who’s at home entertainment consists of Hearthstone, League of Legends, Path of Exile, and reddit diving, go longer and longer without a PC has been perversely entertaining. I have fed off his sorrow and despai


...but I’m totally happy he’s getting a working PC, I swear.

Question of the day: When was your last logic defying technical malfunction? There’s no reason it shouldn’t work, but lo and behold it didn’t. Or start your own free topic down below

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