Thursday, October 29th 5:25 I said: “Now that I’ve got my magic deck, my next savings goal is getting the $600 pet deposit paid so I can have a cat. I want to go to the animal shelter, find a sweet little kitten not likely to get adopted (common or disliked colors like pure black) and give him/her a home.”

Fast forward to today and the little shit pictured above is currently terrorizing my bedroom, having shown enough litter box proficiency to have its restriction to the bathroom lifted. My coworkers found her on the side of the major road in front of our work.

“But universe, i don’t have the money for the pet deposit, or for paying for her vet visits or anything”

Universe “...Too damn bad, have a kitten”.

Her name is Yen, she’s 6 weeks old, had a botfly larva removed from her neck, demands attention and if you piss her off, there will be hell to pay, just like the real Yennefer of Vengerberg.


Question of the day: When is the last time you’ve had something happening way earlier than planned?

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