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TAY Time Chat: The Day of Lavos

Good afternoon everyone, Today's TAY Time Chat is a special one! So come on and sit down, but first grab a cup of tea.

Why is it special? cause I'm covering for Ms. Neryl, who had some mild kerfuffle with a thingamajiggy and can't cover TTC this afternoon. Anyway, lately I've been replaying a lot of SNES and GBA games, amongst the lot... is Chrono Trigger. I always had fond memories of the game since it's one of my favorite JRPGs ever, and I recall that the soundtrack was really good. But honestly I didn't remember how interesting it was, specially in the Future timeline. Listening to the themes after all these years really does give a new perspective to the arrangements by Yasunori Misuda and Nobuo Uematsu ^^;

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Song of the Day

People Who Threw Away the Will to Live from Chrono Trigger

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