I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So last year when I moved in with my friend, a big Magic: The Gathering player, I started getting in to it myself. During BFZ i got myself an Atarka Red deck, started going to FNM and in general having a good time. Rotation hit, and that deck no longer existed (but most of it played in to Modern Naya Burn so value remained) but due to work problems, I couldn’t find the time to make investing in a new standard deck worth it. Well those problems are gone so I decided to check and see if there are any top performing decks I’d like to try with the release of its newest set Eldritch Moon. So How’s that meta looking...oh. Yeah that’s a lot of bant (White/Green/Blue) company. For the uninformed, Collected Company is a 4 mana card that lets you search top 6 cards of your deck, and put 2 creatures with mana 3 or less on the battlefield at instant speed (for simplicity that basically means whenever the fuck you want). Unfortunately for all non bant decks...there are a shitload of those creatures that are super good. Reflector Mage bounces creatures back to hand (and they can’t be recast next turn), Spell Queller just exiles any spell you cast when it comes out, and Slyvan advocate is pretty much the most efficient creature you could want (2/3 for 2 with vigilence, turns in to 4/5 with 6 lands). There are two decks in standard right now: Bant Company, and Brews meant to beat Bant Company. Either way if you aren’t playing either White or Green, you’re probably doing it wrong.


It’s not an invincible deck, there are builds that have been shown to have a good chance at beating it, but regardless standard events aren’t making at my local card shop, and when I ask anyone why? the answer is pretty much the same “Because Standards boring as fuck, its all green and white with a splash”. So my dreams of an awesome Red/Black deck are dead and I’m basically not playing magic because nobody else seems to want to because they hate the meta.

Todays question: When has the Meta negatively affected a game you loved? I’d be surprised if i don’t hear from the moba crowd on this one.

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