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TAY Time Chat: The One That Stuck

The old adage was “Online, Free, Good, pick 2”, but the old adages don’t work so well anymore. Sure there’s still a lot of shit out there, but if you look, you can find great Free To Play titles that hit all 3 checkmarks. I’m always up for trying something that doesn’t charge up front (or is Buy To Play with a good first impression) and if its decent and has a one time semi upgrade (ie: spend 5 bucks on anything, and the F2P restrictions get eased) i’m not oppossed to it. However there is one F2P title that has captured my heart, and my wallet, far more than any other, and that is Warframe. A third person shooting grinder starring immortal space ninjas, its not perfect, and back in the early days was the picture of mediocrity. Not to mention even basic progression can feel insurmountable for new/solo players. But when I just want to chill while capping space clones or space corporatists I can find no better home, and have no qualms about dropping a little cash whenever the daily login reward track throws me a platinum (real world currency) coupon. I doubt I’ve passed the new game $60 mark on it yet, but I’m getting close and have about 110 hours logged on my PC account (logged 50 hours on PS4 when my mobo was fried for a month). Now if you excuse me, Rhino “Big Dong” Prime and I have a Hek and some grineery to make its acquaintance

Question Of The Day: Which, if any, F2P game managed to earn your love and money?


Other Tidbits:

Resident Evil turns 20 -The old girl has made some mistakes, and I can’t say I’ve had as much fun with each entry as I wish I had (*cough6cough*) But I can still say I’ve enjoyed every non spinoff title.

Uncharted 4 Has Gone Gold -Good timing, I’m just finishing up platinuming the first 3 (minus all the multiplayer achievements in 2, because someone thought having a bunch of those in the hottest cinematic single player blockbuster in recent memory was a good idea).

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