Hello everyone. I’m Cerabret and I’ll be taking over Tuesday TAY while Nach is off on a journey of personal discovery. Today I want you all to take a good hard look at the above Blood Bowl 2 Beta screenshot. In it, I, the orc team, am in scoring position. Not only that but on the first drive of the game I’ve injured 3 FREAKING DWARVES (for those uninformed about blood bowl, dwarves have really high armor, making it very hard to injure them). This is my first ever multiplayer match of Blood Bowl, and I’m riding high aren’t I? a turn 3 score, a quarter of the opposing team out for the match, it’s like nothing can stop me

...except the game then crashed forcing me to concede. I’m surprised none of our neigbors in adjacent apartments called the cops, because the primal howl of rage and fury I uttered most likely invoked ideas of horrible murder and demonic sacrifice.

Today’s Question: When is the last time you had a game implode at the worst possible moment?

News from TGS:

A New Kingdom Hearts Announced -Will someone please take away SE’s naming privileges?

Yakuza 6 Announced, and PS4 Exclusive -Bought Yakuza 4 expecting a simplistic brawler, got an amazingly engaging story as well. 5 should hit PSN later this year, but these apparently take a long time to be released in NA so don’t hold your breath for 6


Fun animal science article of the Day:

Leaf-Eating Caterpillars Use Their Poop to Trick Plants -As someone with a degree in Zoology, allow me assure you that a staggering amount of animal facts involves poop...or sex.

Song Of The Day:

Its a damn shame we’ll never get another Primal, highly recommend it for people wanting a relatively chill adventure game with great Voice Acting.