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TAY Time Chat: They've (GO)ne (GO)d Damn Crazy

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If you haven’t lived under a rock, only to poke your head out on tuesdays, then you know large portions of the world have been infected by a digital crazy known as Pokemon GO. Never since the original Pokemon have I seen the franchise inspire this much rabidity in its consumption. We’ve already seen reports of dead bodies, robberies, and sore legs attached to the app, and as it turns out, even those around me are not safe from its evil clutches. Lets run down the recent activities of my two roommates (which will be refered to from now on as Roommate #1 and Roommate #2


- Approaching a van of 3 strangers in an empty parking lot at 2am to agressively shit talk them over a gym they just took and assumed the strangers were taking back (they were, but as I mentioned, that doesn’t make it any smarter or less douchy)

-Roommate #1 walking around for an hour at 5am despite having to work at 10am just to find an evee (no he had not been to bed yet)


-Roommate #2 asking me (a night worker who never leaves his room except to go to store) for Aloe or Sunscreen for his horrible sunburn from biking around looking for pokemon

-Driving 50 minutes to the Zoo, after which Roommate #1 said “I don’t think i actually saw a single animal, i was just looking for pokemon” (as a student of biology/zoology this infuriated me)


A friend asked me if I played, I said no, to which another friend said “But he is watching his roommates slowly destroy their lives over it”

Today’s Question: Go’s been out for a little bit now, what ridiculousness have you or those around you engaged in?

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