I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Good afternoon TAY! There's been some changes in the usual Thursday TAY Time Chat, I'll be your host from now on, which means no Super Shuffle on Thursday since IndigoAsh owns it...


Yay~ The weekend is almost here... and I have nothing else to add to this idea, Hooray for the best host ever! Let's see... maybe I could talk about that game I've been playing the whole week... or maybe not since it's under an embargo, so I can't talk about it, the other event going on for me this week it's the TOEFL Test I'm taking tomorrow... bleh >.< Let's check the news...

News Round Up!


Song(s) of the Day

Two cover songs of the previous selections for this week ^^;

King of the Rodeo by The Bamboos

One Step Beyond by SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS

Recommended Reading

Britpop: a cultural abomination that set music back

During the heyday of Blur and Oasis, ruthless ambition became the order of the day, as scores of unrelentingly pedestrian bands ditched everything that once made British pop music interesting.


Mega-Thursday food related something-something!

Oreo+ Cherry Cola = ???

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