I'm really feeling it!

TAY Time Chat: Time for some tea!

Hello everyone and welcome to TAY Time Chat! This is the place to talk between the Forums (Thanks Novi for covering this week ^.^) So, I'm back in my hometown where surprisingly the temperature has not risen to a scorching 110! What about you guys are you going to travel in the holiday season?

News Round Up!

Man Says Google's Autocomplete Feature Destroyed His Life


NYPD Accused of Deliberately Killing a Parakeet: "F—- the Bird"

Texas Man Armed With Sword Demands Tacos


Nach's Song of the Day!

Well I'm off to spend more time with the family and friends and stuff... so you go on ahead and go to the Open Forum or the Off TAYpic by Sylverfyst in TAY Classic, Battleborn will take the shift tomorrow ^.^

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