I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Time is the ultimate force, non can defeat or survive it. In fact even this post failed to beat the clock (but thanks to kinja we can fake it). I think all of us have encountered a piece of something, entertainment, food, ideas, that time has not been all that friendly to. I finally decided to put my dmc hd collection to use and man is 1 showing its age. small moveset, launch ps2 era graphics no HD retouch can save, and horrible audio issues (dante is hard to hear over the bgm, demons are way too loud). It makes me have a greater appreciation for the wealth of options 3 gave us, and for DmC (the reboot) for finally making the platforming not suck ass (and giving us a non awkward dodge).


Today’s Question: What favorite thing of yours has time been a real dick to? Did it make you appreciate more modern examples more?

Interesting tidbits (Yes I actually have some today)

Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James -because there’s no way this will end badly

Dark Souls 3 Troll Toll (Couresy of Reddit)

As one comment said in the reddit topic, my reaction would be pure “I ain’t even mad” should I have fallen victim.

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