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TAY Time Chat: To The (Sort of) Victor Goes the (Sort of) Spoils

Battle For Zendikar Prerelease started Friday night. I, the Magic event novice, deigned to roll with the elite that night, and came out looking decent. Out of pure luck I fell into a very aggressive R/G landfall deck, which was pretty much my best hope. Match 1 and 3 (each match is best of 3) were curbstomps, Match 1 guy never even laid a finger on me, 3 put up a better fight but I hit an amazing draw streak. Match 2 was a different story, lost the first in a dragged out brawl, 2nd game my opponent literally got the perfect draw, he said there was not a damn thing he could change to make it better, and he ripped my shit apart. Last match opponent wanted to draw but I wanted to see if I could sweep 2 games in a row. We split the first two and agreed to a draw. I ended the night with a 2-1-1 record which won me 3 booster packs. Though the packs didn’t hold anything amazing.

Unfortunately the reprecussions of the night were felt throughout the weekend. Saturday I realized that A) I forgot to pick up the prerelease box my friend ordered (he couldn’t be there) and B) I had accidentally taken all the lands I borrowed home (I guess its standard practice to have a land “bank” for customers to borrow from). Then Monday when going to give my friend his change back (he gave me a $50 to buy him a pack of sleeves.) i discovered I had been given incorrect change (for a 20 instead). Queue hunting down the time of the transaction (didn’t keep reciept, had to call bank about card purchase i’d made at the same time) and then having to call the store hoping he didn’t think I was a thief.


All ended well, though now the shop owner probably things I’m a socially awkward massive fucking idiot...and he is not entirely incorrect in that matter.

Today’s Questions: When’s the last time you’ve gone to a first time (for you) competition and how did you do?

When have you had a series of awkward events plague your first interactions with a new store you plan on being a regular at?

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Song of The Day

This has probably been used before but damn if it isn’t an epic moment, even though I generally don’t like this genre.

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