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Well now, today sure was a big ol’ pile of discussion wasn’t it? I think I’m going to reformat my personal TAY Time Chat’s with a more in-depth stuff, like articles of the day again and such. For now, I think I’ll hold off given the rampant discussions that took place today throughout TAY. If you haven’t, I’d encourage you to do the following:

Read up on Aikage’s Town Hall Post. He’s amended it a few times today. It goes over (to some degree), what sparked a lot of this discussion.


After doing so please read the Admin’s responses to that post, and most certainly Protonstorm’s individual response:

Personally speaking, as an author on TAY and someone who constantly advocates for it’s continued success and growth, I think these kinds of discussions are healthy. I won’t post my own original thoughts again here (let’s get real, I’m not that important of a person here on TAY) but I always feel that fostering discussion, open, honest, discussion is the best way towards resolution, or at the very least, understanding. If you’d like to hear my opinion on things you can ask in the comments, because that’s where it belongs.

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all learned a lot about this particular subject today. It is my sincere hope that this new-found knowledge will help us grow as a community, together with AniTAY, to form an even more awesome area for people to just come hang out, relax, and talk about stuff we’re truly passionate about. I’m pretty sure I’m either coming up on, or have surpassed, my one year anniversary on TAY (maybe an admin can check that for me), and I can say that truly, I love this little slice of the internet. I check it every day, probably every 15 to 30 minutes when I’m not swamped at work, because I enjoy reading about the goings on of your daily lives, gaming habits, and just meeting people.

TAY is a wonderful place, and we have a lot of things going for us that other Kinja domains don’t. I’m not saying we need to fear about doom and gloom in the future at all, but we do, as a collective group of writers, gamers, and silly cat gifs, have an obligation to uphold the values we want to see on TAY. Doing so will result in a community that we can continue to be extremely proud of, and I think everyone agrees that we want that to continue to be the case.


Question/Scenario of the Day:

Do you have any questions about this issue? I’m not an Admin, and I admittedly only visit Ani-TAY every few days, but I’m happy to try to clarify things if needed. I’m absolutely not an expert, and if there’s anything going on behind the scenes, I don’t know about it. I do know this though: we gon’ be okay TAY. I’ll even give out virtual hugs if needed.


Perfect Song for Relieving Stress of the Day:


Next week I’ll be adding articles that I found cool or interesting, directly from within TAY and AniTAY, to my posts. I think that’s something that, despite the roundup, authors will appreciate. If I had more time today I would, but let’s just say that between work and reading through the hundreds of comments, I’ve been a bit caught up :)

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